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Governmental Admnistration Building

Lee County School Board Public Education Center

Project Details

  • Client
    Lee County School Board Public Education Center
  • Location
    2855 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL
  • Year
  • Size
    Site: 20 Acre
    Building: 323,441 sf

The Challenge

In 2006, the Lee County School Board was in much need for a new Public Education Center Building to house the school Board’s Administration in one cohesive location during its burst of expansion in school facilities and personnel. The school board allocated $52 million for the build and was needing to expedite aspects of the planning phase that had slowed. The site chosen was the Metro Mall on Colonial Street in the City of Fort Myers downtown area.

The location demanded specific needs, which included traffic analysis to promote vehicular flow to and from a busy thoroughfare, a redesign of the site and modifications to the water management plans. An engineer was needed to help bring to closure the revisions in the planning phase so that construction could begin as soon as possible.

Lee County School Board Public Education Center Construction 1
Lee County School Board Public Education Center Construction 2
The Solution & Result

Comprehensive Site Planning, Zoning, and Construction Observation/Inspections

The Lee County School Board contacted Harvard Jolly Architects, Inc. who awarded the contract to Exceptional Engineering for their expertise and experience in the completion of multiple school board project buildings. The Project Management team hit the ground running to expedite the revision work that was necessary for the 20 acre site, before preliminary plans could be finalized.

As lead engineering consultant, Exceptional Engineering completed the site redesign for the 323,441 sf building and South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) ERP modification permitting, in addition to drainage design, and utility design.

Also, EEI’s team, having a great working relationship with the builders, Gulfpoint Construction Company, were able to comply with necessary construction observations of the administrative offices for the Lee County School Board’s, certifying the completion of new and properly appointed edifice on time in 2007.

Lee County Public Education Center Site Plan

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